Friday, July 3, 2009

Proxy Finder Pro 2.5

Automatically search & leech proxy addresses from webs, which offers fresh updated proxylist. In 30 seconds, it will give you 6000+ http proxy servers. Most are elite anonymous proxy addresses.

  • Intelligent & Automatic - It first connects to hundreds of websites / forums that publish public free proxy list, Second extracts fresh proxyserver automatically.

  • Proxy Server Search Fast - Just in 30 seconds, It will find about 6000+ http proxies addresses. Most are elite anonymous proxy addresses.

  • Fresh - All are new proxy list web sites/forums, most be updated every day even every minute.

  • Easy - Very easy to use only need one click to find proxy server automatically.

  • Filter - Automatically remove all the gov & military & planet lab proxies IP.

  • Random Order - Show all the proxy in random order.

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