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Use Proxy Server

Why you need to use proxy servers ?

1. Transfer speed improvement. If the file you requested was received before to your proxy server, then proxy server will interrupt this file request and you will receive the file directly from proxy. However need to know, you can got the "speed down" effect. This effect appears when your proxy has long answer time because there is slow connection between you and your proxy server.

2. Security and privacy. Anonymous proxies destroys information about your computer in the requests header. So you can safely surf the net and your information will never be used by hackers and spammers.

3. Sometimes you encounter some problems while accessing to web server (for example, web-chat). You have mistaken while working with some data and / or the server administrator restricted access from your IP. So you can use the anonymous proxy and try to access again.
How to use proxy ?

Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer 5.X

1. Click "Service" \ "Internet Options";
2. Click "Connections";
3. If you use Dial-Up connection, choose your connection and click "Settings" button. if you use LAN connection, click "LAN Settings" button in the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" group box;
4. Enable "use a proxy server";
5. In fields "Address" and "port", type proxy name and proxy port;
6. If nessesary, enable "bypass proxy server for local addresses";
7. Click "OK";
8. Click "OK" to close IE settings.

Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer 6.X

1. Click "Service" \ "Internet Options";
2. Click "Connections";
3. If you use Dial-Up connection, choose your connection and click "Settings" button. if you use LAN connection, click "LAN Settings" button in the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" group box;
4. Enable "use a proxy server";
5. In fields "Address" and "port", type proxy name and proxy port number;
6. If nessesary, enable "bypass proxy server for local addresses";
7. Click "OK";
8. Click "OK" to close IE settings.

Proxy Settings in Mozilla

1. Click "Tools" \ "Options";
2. Click ""Advanced" \ "Network" \ "Connection : Settings";
3. Set "Manual proxy configuration";
4. Click "View" at "Manual proxy configuration";
5. Set proxies for following protocols: HTTP, FTP, etc.

Proxomitron, The Universal Web Filter

Proxomitron, the Universal Web Filter, is a filtering web proxy written by Scott R. Lemmon. This program was originally designed to run under Windows 95.

All future development of the program was ceased in 2003 with its author's death; even so, Proxomitron is still viable and used on modern Windows platforms such as XP and Vista.

The program is generally used to block pop-ups and banners, to remove embedded sounds and animation from web pages, to alter or block JavaScript, and to modify the appearance and content of web pages.


Properly configured, Proxomitron intercepts HTTP traffic between the user's browser and web servers. The program is capable of altering web page content by removing or adding text. Additionally, it can add, modify, or delete HTTP message headers, be configured to block connections or redirect requests based on the web page address, and be configured to route connections through a remote proxy. The user can monitor connections and filter activations, if desired.

Program operation is dictated through the use of a configuration file containing specialized filters which can be written, edited, deleted, enabled or disabled by the user via the program's graphical user interface. (Third-party filters can also be imported, or "merged," into the configuration.) The filters utilize a "matching" language similar to the standard regular expressions used in text editing. Additional files, such as "blocklists" and SSL DLLs, can extend filtering capabilities.

Use of the program requires knowledge of the Proxomitron scripting language, as well as some familiarity with at least one of HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The scripting interface was not designed to be user-friendly. Because of these complications, the program can be difficult to customise for novice or non-technical users. A default set of filters is included with the program; advanced filters and filter sets written by experienced users are also available online.


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Anonymous Proxies Just Checked : Mar 2009

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Proxy Bypass Facebook , March 24

Unblock Facebook browse Myspace ,Netlog,Myyearbook websites by free web Facebook proxy - anonymous browsing service with in school and office.

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119 Elite Proxies Very Fast on 20 Mar, 2009

Here is Today's List:

Bypass restrictive firewalls and filtering web proxys Are you trapped behind a firewall or a filtering web proxy and cannot access some or many web pages or use an application you would like to use or play a game you would like to play? Is your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick censorship where the sun doesn't shine? Would you prefer to stay anonymous, that your IP address is not logged with every access to someone's web page? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don't need to know. Just download our client application and install or just run it on your PC; it turns your own PC into an uncensored, anonymous web proxy and an uncensored, anonymous SOCKS proxy that your applications can use, and if that's not enough it can even get you connected to the Internet just as if you were using an unrestricted DSL or cable connection -- just like the firewall suddenly went boom! You can even make your PC accessible from the Internet if you like. Nearly all applications work with Your Freedom, and so far no-one has managed to block our service completely and permanently without blocking your Internet access entirely.

Every day, more than 20,000 people in over 160 countries use our service, some because their government would rather not have them exercise their human rights, some because their school or university feels they are not mature enough to decide for themselves whether playing the odd game interferes with their studies or not, others because they don't want traceable IP addresses in every logfile. There are probably as many good reasons to use Your Freedom as there are restrictive firewalls in the world!

Your first step to an unrestricted Internet access is to register on this web page -- all you need to provide is a contactable email address and a username and a password, nothing else is required. Then download the client application (available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and everything else that can run Java apps) and run it -- the wizard will guide you through configuring it properly. Then configure your applications to use your own PC as web or SOCKS proxy or use our transparent OpenVPN mode.


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Free Proxy list

List of some brand new proxies for you :)


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Rapidleech Public Server - PART II

Rapidleech Public Server

Thursday, March 12, 2009 is an experiment in a technique for conserving network bandwidth. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA) and have monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service offers. There are number of client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones.


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Free Proxy Trial From PPS NNTIME

The Paid Proxy service (PPS) represents a HTTP usa proxy server, intended for transfer of the information to Internet by protocols HTTP and FTP.

Free proxy accounts to test service

  1. Personal access to anonymous (high-anonymous) proxy server.
  2. 1 Mb of traffic that might be sufficient for your testing purposes.
  3. Broadband speeds.