Sunday, February 8, 2009

Server: Gentoo
Services: SSH access on port 2022, max user processes 15, background processes allowed, reasonable diskspace use (~100MB) / no hard quota, user crontabs/screen (after some time), irc access with irssi/eggdrop ...
Server: Slackware 12
Services: 2bg procesess, IRC - psybnc, eggdrop
Server: Debian 2.6.26+grsec+pax, version is etch, memory 512 MB, processor AMD Duron(tm) XP 1500+ , HDD Space 60 GB. Network traffic is 120kb/ps on the global world and 1mb/ps on Bulgaria.
Services: IRC-Hosting: irssi, bitchx, bitchx-ssl, eggdrop, psybnc. You have 1 user account, 1 BG process, 10 MB disk quota, Unlimited Network Traffic, Access to any irc networks. Web-Hosting: php5, perl, cgi, mysql. You have 1 user account, 1 MySQL database, 0 BG processes, 50 MB disk quota, Unlimited Network Traffic. Note all users who have shell accout have web space access like, and mail
Server: OpenBSD
Services: provides users with shell basic account quota is 10MB, services IRC enabled (irssi,BX,psybnc) very user will get private ipv6 address and permission to use ipv4 on some nets. Other account types are able to use compilers and other good stuff.
Server: FreeBSD 6.1
Services: SSH, Telnet and FTP connections 24/7 in a Unix System, connected to the Internet, 30 MB of Hard Disk space to store your files, programs or whatever you need. A Web Page with address and soon, with your own domain. All the Tools you can find in a Unix System.
Server: FreeBSD 6.x with AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+ CPU, with 2GB of memory.
Services: 100 MB HDD Space, 1 GB Mail Space, Users Web Dirtectory, Irssi, BitchX, lynx, gcc, screen, and much more, going from developement tools to IRC chat, texted base web browsers and editors, storage transfer utilities.
Server: OpenBSD. 8 mbit DSL.
Services: IRC permitted after a 48 hour validation period (no bots or bouncers though please). Inbound and outbound email with a free address provided. Access to compilers and interpreters and software installed on request. 6mb quota (split across /home, /tmp, mail and web space).
Weekly backups of all data including user directories. Fully automated web-based registration. Cooperatively run with foundation members (subscribers) able to vote on system policy.
Server: Debian
Services: Web, IRC, BOTS, SQL, PHP, FTP, SSH.
Server: Slackware linux
Services: bnc, eggdrop, website, whatever just as long as you specify it when you request the account and its oked you can run it. I do not limit the space but if someone is using way too much space ill ask them to lower the amount of space they are using or ill remove the account. Also third level domain hosting on * and *

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Mick said...

Most of these are no longer available. There are a lot of free psybnc sites right now but I wonder if a lot of people still use irc shells unless you own a channel. Personally, I prefer TrunkNet's Free psyBNC services because of the custom vhost. I'm using an IPv6 connection and a IPv4 custom vhost thru the compensation plan and it has been stable for almost a month of my usage now.